? about home grown chickens for broth

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    If we are planning on using a butchered chicken for broth only, do we still need to let it rest for a few days before making stock? I know the resting helps keep the meat from being quite as tough, but does it matter for stock? Also, since I'm here and asking, would it be better to leave the carcasses whole or cut them into pieces before putting them in the stock pot/pressure cooker?
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    I really doubt it. Do you keep your meat when you make broth or discard?
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    Apr 14, 2011
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    I would rest it. Then cut it into pieces to make broth. The more surface area, the more flavor you can extract.

    There is no reason to throw the meat out. After it has been pressure cooked, the meat will be good for things like shredded chicken tacos or enchiladas. It can be ground or finely chopped to make sausage. It can be chopped up and used with your favorite tuna salad recipe to make chicken sandwich spread. I like it with mayo, sweet pickle, pecans and some finely sliced green onion.

    If you are canning that broth, you can also can the meat and use it for just about anything you would use canned tuna for. It can also be mixed with barbecue sauce to make barbecue chicken sandwiches.

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