? about humidity and chicken eggs?


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Aug 29, 2008
I have an incubator that I was able to borrow, and I have chicken eggs to go in it, I have been trying to get the incubator ready for my eggs. The temp seems to be staying rather steady at 99.5 to 99.7 but sometimes goes to 99.9 I think that is ok? but humidity is at 44% ?

I am using one of the acurite thermometers that also reads the humidity.

What is the safest temp range, and the safest humidity range?

I want to make sure everything is ok before I put my eggs in.

Thanks so much for any advice:D
Put em in!!!! I would make a tweak and raise the temp to stay at 99.9 most of the time. I heard the range is 99-102, but I try to stay around 99.9 or 100.5 at the most. Most good incubators will stay steady if you don't peek in and disturb it! Good luck and happy clucking!
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wait, humidity?

thats a big issue now is it?
im starting to worry about my chickens now...

how do hens get humidity and stuff done when they do it then?
Great!! Thank you for the help!! What is the safest high and low point for humidity? I also read that it should be higher on the last 3 days of the hatch?
I always keep my humidity between 50-55%. If you leave it at 44%, the air cell will get too big, it does not happen right away, but you will need to raise it soon. The last 3 days, I get it up to around 70% without having any trouble with my hatches.
Still Air Incubator temps - 101 to 102, nothing higher

Circulated Air Incubators 99.8

Humidity for the first 18 days in incubators 40 to 50% range

Last 3 days 60 to 70% range

The humidity under a hen would be regulated I would guess by their body temps since being broody is a hormonal thing. When they sit tight and don't get up much it's to keep the temp and humidity at the right levels...my thoughts
Thanks so much everyone!!

I seem to be able to keep my temp fairly steady and within the ranges everyone has adviced, but my humidity keeps changing with it ending up higher or lower than most of the reccomendations:( so I am going to keep working on that today:D

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