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I know this question has probably been asked a MILLION times, but I'm new and can't really find my answer thru old threads.
Can you candle eggs during lockdown and them be ok? I've read that if you think your chick is having a problem hatching, then take it out, candle it and see if its moving and such then put it back. How long can you have an egg out during lockdown? I know that hens get off sometimes.
My eggs are in an incubator (and honestly I don't have a clue what kind...it's my in-laws) and today is DAY 21! I have one that pipped yesterday, but since then hasn't made much progress. It is still alive, moving and peeping. But I haven't seen anything from any other eggs that are supposed to be hatching. Can I candle them and see if they are alive?
I've done this several times in years past in my classroom (I'm a teacher) and my inlaws gave me the incubator and eggs. I NEVER put water in the incubator (because they didn't tell me too) and I always had a good number hatch...even with no water and check on humidity. This time, I've done it by the book and I'm not getting very good results! What's the deal! I just want a little chicky for my kids to see hatch!!!!

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