About Marek's


8 Years
Mar 27, 2011
far northern Wisconsin
Not knowing any better until I came to BYC, I had my chicks from Meyer's vaccinated. Now I see they become carriers, so I have two questions. The first is can my brooder be used for non-vaccinated chicks I will get in the future? Also, can I even get non-vaccinated chicks as long as I have these vaccinated ones? Nothing's simple anymore!
Chicks vaccinated for Marek's are vaccinated with Turkey Marek's virus, not chicken Marek's virus. This Turkey Marek's virus does not prevent the chicks from getting chicken Marek's. It prevents the Chicken Marek's from forming the lesions that do the damage.

Your chicks that were vaccinated can still catch Marek's. They can still transmit Marek's. They will not be harmed by Marek's themselves.

Your vaccinated chicks are not carriers because of the vaccination. It would be great if they could give the Turkey Marek's virus to the other chicks so they could also be protected, but they cannot. They may be carriers of Mareks'. It is possible, but not a sure thing. They may not be carriers. But the vaccine had absolutely nothing to do with that either way.

Life is not any more complicated than it was. Your brooder can be used for other chicks. You can get unvaccinated chicks. You are at no more risk that you were for Marek's because of the vaccination.

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