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Feb 17, 2020
Hello everybody!
I´d like to tell you something about me.
I´m from Czech republic (central Europe) and live on countryside with my family. I have been breeding poultry more then 30 years, but I love it since childhood. I grew up in chicken coop:D
I spezialize in original Czech poultry breeds (Czech chicken and Šumavanka) and I´m interested in original Europe breeds chicken.
the forth quesion "What are your favorite aspects of raising backyard chickens?" just... I love it:D I like to see what they are doing, I like to touch them, I like eat eggs and meat:D they´re my relax.
I´m zootechnik, all my hobbies revolve around the "fauna" (genetics, cows, sheep, birds, dogs... )
I´ve got 2 small children, have got 2 dogs , two cows and several sheep,chicken, ducks, goose, pigeons...and only one wife

I found BYC looking for Argentina chicken breeds one week ago. Since then I have read a lot of interesting information at BYC and I think I can also contribute my experience
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