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    This year will be my first molt...my chickens too.[​IMG]

    I have 5 adult laying hens, 1 EE 15 months, 2 EE 13 months, and 2 buckeyes 10 months. My buckeye's (not a year old) have stopped laying. I have gotten 1 egg in 2 wks and that was a wk ago. This morning I noticed red feathers everywhere under the roost. I have been following them around for days trying to see if they are hiding their eggs. Today is no exception, they just came into the barn and I went out and they are pulling their feathers out. Is this the molt? Is this what they do? I knew they stopped laying and lost feathers but I have been waiting for my EE to do this.

    They have been laying since April. When do EE start to molt? They are looking shabby and aren't laying as regular. The Buckeyes hatched 5 Nov. so I thought they would be a while.

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    Sounds like normal molting. Fall is the usual time to molt, so they can grow new feathers for the winter coming. Good luck,


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