? about shaking an egg at day 21

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    Jul 5, 2010
    I know I shouldn't be touching the eggs, but as I've not heard anything, I thought I would just give them a quick inspection while my broody was up and about.

    1) I first put each egg to my nose and they all smell fine - no bad smell at all.
    2) Next, I held each one to my ear but could hear nothing
    3) I gave each one a very gentle shake next to my ear and I think I heard what sounds liquid moving about. One of them felt slightly different in that if felt as though something solid moved when I shook it.
    4) I did the float test, and all four eggs floated, but with only a very small section of egg sticking out the water. I never saw any of the eggs start moving about but perhaps I just didn't wait long enough.

    So, considering that this is day 21, and from what I've mentioned above, do you think there's still a chance that any of these might hatch?

    Thanks in advance for your replies and advice.

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    I think you should just let it in place and wait till 23rd day before throw them away. [​IMG]
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    Jun 16, 2010
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    Ok...begin sitting on your hands riiiiight NOW! [​IMG] It is so tough to be so close and have such suspense, but you've got to just sit back and let nature take its course. You should wait until Day 23 or even 25 before cracking them open, if you see no progress. We're all rooting for a great hatch coming your way!!! [​IMG]

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