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  1. Those of you who have converted a shed to a coop, where did you get your windows? I'd rather have the shed-type windows instead of just cutting a square out and covering with welded wire. I'd rather be able to close them and open them, and have it look nice. I'm specifically looking for windows like this or similar, though the one I have in my other shed doesn't look half as nice, lol:


    Lowes and Home Depot don't carry them, only regular replacement windows for houses. I tried Value but they don't have them either. Has anyone found these or something like these that I can use?? I'm getting frustrated. :mad:
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    Search around on Craigslist or freecycle.
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    Well, you can buy windows like that at lumber yards, hardware stores, and window shops, to name a few. They aren't cheap. Or, if you or someone else on your end is handy, you can make your own. See my link below to see my coop windows. I spent around $25 per window. I used dried fir wood from the hardware store (near where they sell the moulding) and I used polycarbonate instead of glass, since it is durable and you can drill holes in it to help attach it to the wooden frame. You'll still need the wire mesh to keep predators out for when the windows are open, but from afar you don't see the mesh. I hinged mine and use a simple hook to secure them when open. Note: you can have them open to the outside or inside of your building, it depends whether you want the mesh on the inside or outside.

    Note: if you buy store bought windows, the simple screen that comes with them will not be enough to keep a raccoon out at night.
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    I bought a "shed package" which I turned into a coop. It ended up being a lot more expensive than I assumed, but that's another story.

    I bought single hung "utility windows" to put in the coop. You definitely want something you can open, but lots of light is also good, so always feel free to add more windows just for light. I mention this, because I only put in two windows (on the south side), and I really wish I had added one or two small windows in the gables.

    EDIT: The windows I bought were 18x36, and were around $50 at Menard's.
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    Check to see if you have a Habitat For Humanity in your area, I got mine from there for only a few bucks apiece.
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    We have a lot of architectural salvage companies near us. We got some nice vinyl, non-opening ones for $40 each. I had gotten a few of craigslist for even cheaper but they didn't fit between the studs of the shed so I went with skinnier ones that didn't require additional framing.
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    I have had a hard time getting inexpensive windows for my various coops. I found one single pane window at a garage sale for $3.00 and the last one I got for free from the fellow who was remodeling a house across the street. Home Depot and Lowes around her don't sell single pane garage or shed type windows. Habitat for Humanity is a good place to look. Contractor Salvage places too.
  8. Thanks for the ideas! I exhausted all the window/hardware stores in the area, and Craigslist has had nothing for weeks. Eh, maybe I'll just do the welded wire thing. This is getting too frustrating. [​IMG]
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    My windows are wire and only covered with plastic all winter long because I couldn't find anything to fit.

    It's an option, until you find what you want.

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