About to get turkey chicks are fermenting distiller grains ok?


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Aug 12, 2020
About to get turkey chicks are fermenting distiller grains ok? Just got done with 8 week cornish cross run and success mixed distiller grain and layer feed and fermenting it there whole life had avg 12lb birds . I was wondering if its possible to raise broad breasted turkeys the same way. If not what cheapest way to bulk up. Even at feed mill layer feed 20% protein is 12.05 for 50 lbs verse the distiller grain 35% protein is 6.45 100lb bag.


Sep 10, 2018
35% is good protein, maybe too high, but also some other important elements may be lacking. You might be able to get away with mixing the spent grains with a turkey starter. You want protein to be about 28 percent for the first few weeks. I would look into the Pearson square, which is a way to calculate protein content of a mixed feed. You will also need to watch lysine content.

I give my laying hens large bins of spent grains from a local brewery (I have over 100 hens and I give them about 100 gallons of spent brewery grains at a time) , but that being said, frequency is about once a month and these are fresh, wet, hot grains right out of the kettle so it might be a different situation as compared to commercially dried spent grains (which is what I'm assuming you're referring to.

I have had negative results feeding *too much* spent grain to my laying flock. Pros and cons. I would say try it, but in moderation first.

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