About to start on the adventure of chicken keeping...


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Apr 29, 2013
Hello, my wife and i are in the process of starting our new adventure in life.. Having chickens in our back yard!!! The coop is almost done.. the run is next and then onto getting our new chickens.. We have a 3 year old grand daughter who is all excited about the arrival of the chickens... As i was working on the coop this morning she opened the back door of the coop and got right in and went to the front door of the coop and opened the door and i could hear her say come on chicky chicky chicky.. Since we are new to this i think i will be asking alot of questions.. The coop i am in the process of building i did alot of research.. to make sure it was safe and lots of ventilation and enough light to come into the windows.. I am thinking about getting pullets to start off with because not sure right now how to handle young chicks., The wonderful thing about this coop is i bought it from someone way up in the back woods of ct.. That coop was 3 ft by 3ft.. i paid 50 dollars for it... i took it home and took it all apart... then i worked on it and worked on it along with my neighbor.. it is now 5ft wide by 7 ft long.. with a pitched roof and external nesting boxes.. it has a front door a side door and a big back door to clean it out... its all shingled on the roof.. We call it our chick condo lol.. the original coop is built inside this newer coop.. and its pretty cool to look up inside and see where the old red coop starts.. so this is our new adventure for us 50 year old husband and wife.. should be a very very cool hobby..

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sounds like you are a natural at coop building. Hope you took pictures along the way so others can learn from you.

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