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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by FarmerGilland, Jan 27, 2012.

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    I have 4 Naragansetts ( 2 toms and 2 hens) and 1 standard bronze (hen). My oldest naragansett hen and the standard bronze are old enough to lay eggs. And they are. The only problem I don't know which one is laying them. I've had 5 eggs in 7 days 1 which was a soft shell. The question is when can I start incubating them and how many eggs does a turkey produce in a year?

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    I know nothing about any of it yet. I've only had chickens for less than a year. First have to decide if I can put up a turkey shelter. I have a friend who can incubate eggs for me, loves to do it, I only have the smallerest Brinsea model and have been advised its too small for the humoungous turkey eggs. I would want to try to raise some meat birds at least once in my life. thanx for sharing
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    ok i had to look up this information so i'm not exactly sure how accurate it is. u need to put the eggs in an incubator within the first 7 days of getting them & you should do 3 at a time. & turkeys lay 80-100 eggs.
    again i say i'm not sure how accurate i am so if any1 can correct PLEASE do becuz i don't want to be giving out false info..THANKS!
    hope i helped
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    We know someone who has let chicken eggs sit out as long as 4 weeks and still had decent hatch rates. not that you should, but don't rush a small batch. I would suggest that it would be less work having a bigger brood than many smaller ones. and more eggs mean more likelyhood of having more hatch at the same time increasing survivability.

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    You can start to incubate as soon as they are layed. Check for eggs daily, but a turkey hen usually only lays ever other day. If you leave the eggs they will lay until they get any where from four to about ten eggs then stop while they brood them. Normally laying season for most turkeys is from about now till early to mid summer. For best results do let them sit around for more then 1 week.

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