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    I have 5 Baby chicks that are around 5 weeks old. They have been inside in a brooder with a heat lamp all of their life. I have a full grown hen and Rooster outside in a coop with run. They coop is above ground with a ladder going to it. Is it okay to introduce the chicks to their new mother in this coop?

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    There is no telling how it will go. The problem isn't the ramp but the presence of two adults. Chickens are territorial and if you're throwing five helpless intruders in, it could go badly, indeed. I use a chick-juvenile coop next door to the adult housing and chicks are introduced through a fence at first. Then, they meet outside during range time when the chicks are about the age yours are now. The chicks will start entering the adult housing to explore it and the flock gradually accepts them. It isn't entirely without drama this way but it's a lot safer if they can get away from the adults easily.

    BTW, that hen isn't going to see those chicks as hers. She didn't incubate or brood them, there are no maternal feelings.
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    Where are you located how about fencing OGG the area under the coop. Go to Lowe's and get some of that translucent smooth carpet runner protector. Tack t
    Itupon three sides of the area and over the chicken wire. That area under the coop for draft protection . Make a door in one side instead of the runner. Leave the side looking out into the run with plain chicken wire. Best, Karen
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