Abrasion in pullet's throat, lethargic and puffy, dehydrated

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    Apr 25, 2016
    Hello !

    We have a very young hen we are worried about, any help would be very much appreciated!!

    Everything seems to have started when she was eating off a carrot and it appeared she hurt her beak. She began to gag and squawk loudly and she became so immediately weak I thought she would die that night. We weren't sure what it was and from looking through this site, tried to massage her throat in case there was something stuck. It seemed to help a bit. She had been hunched over with her tail drooped for a couple of days later and she wasn't drinking water so we brought her to the vet. He said there was an abrasion in her throat and her muscles inside her throat were weak.

    Penelope is our 8 week old Speckled Sussex and one of our first two chickens. The other was a boy and we just found him a new home a couple of days ago. She's now in with our 7 week Ameraucauna (her other sibling was a male too) She's still not drinking out of her waterer, but she will drink it out of a dropper (we just slowly push drops out so she can peck/drink them herself). So we try to offer her some every hour or two when we are home and awake. She is doing better drinking more without choking, but she still sometimes drools it back out. She is mostly standing and resting with her head tucked back. Otherwise she seems to eat like she's very hungry. She is still very weak and lethargic even after antibiotics, a B vitamin shot and anti-inflammatory shot at the vet. In the past couple of days, she has fallen over a few times and not gotten up without our help. They are still in he house so we can watch her.

    We are very worried that she is not getting better and how weak she is. The back of her comb is almost white, I'm thinking because of dehydration. Sometimes she seems to be doing a little better, but then a little while later it will seem like she might not make it.

    We are going out to get a nipple waterer tomorrow that she will hopefully have an easier time drinking from. Any advice on that?

    Could there be more wrong with her then an abrasion in her throat? Is there anything else we should have the vet look at ? She may have been a little puffy before the incident with the carrot, but We just thought she was just getting out of her awkward teenage stage. Her behavior had been normal.
    Does anyone have any ideas for us to help her ?
    Would some small meal worms or something help give her some protein? She is very light and frail. Her legs and comb are pale and thin.
    I do have some frozen blood worms that are high in protein, and they don't have a hard shell, would that possibly help?

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