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    This rooster grew up with his brother who is now dead for being mean to the hens. This rooster captain red beard when he was roosting on the ground (the ground is wire) and in the night some animal grabbed him in the night and ate one of his wings we healed him and separated him for a while when we re introduced him he was full grown but did not crow or hold his tail up or anything he a scaredy chicken he was about a year old before he started doing rooster things, during this time a brown leghorn went broody of all types of chickens she sat on eggs for 21 days like all chickens and hatched 2 once she came out for water the rooster always wanted to fight her and they fought for days from what I could tell she was winning in the fights but then we separated her And her chicks to keep them safe. We leave to go on vacation for a week and we come back and the rooster is in her pin he had beaten her up and pecked one of the chicks till it was bleeding then a few days later I couldn't get the rooster out of the pin he had forcefully mounted her she has NEVER let a rooster mount her while he was doing this he pecked at her comb and neck feathers till they were bleeding I think she would have died if i hadn't saved her I really don't want to get rid of him but I think I may have to please tell me if their is any way to stop this. P.S she still has her chicks and she is older than this roo. He is the youngest of the flock and the hens don't let him mount them.
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    What you are describing is pretty much the conflict between a dominant hen and a rooster. Generally these conflicts don't resolve in the favor of the hen. If you want to keep her, it may be necessary to get rid of the rooster.

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