Academic 'textbook' on Emus Bingo!!

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  1. It’s fabulous, guys: really really good details of diet (a kg. of leafy greens a day!);

    ‘behavioural enrichment furniture,’ including, I’m not kidding, a disco ball; and got a lonely emu? Make a fake emu to keep it company!;

    masses on detail on life span, weights, etc.;

    ‘range-map’ – habitats of the sub-species (surprises here);


    significant detail on the size and nature of pens; capture, handling, and transport (times of day, temperature concerns, long and short trips);

    sedation; huge section on routine health checks and diseases;

    reproductive problems – femaies need calcium!;

    individual and social habits – emus will walk 600 miles in a season;

    substantial detail on mating behaviour;

    And lots lots more

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    This is FABULOUS ! ! ! Thanks for sharing!
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    Apr 9, 2014
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