Accidental incubation we need a home for the chicks!!!



Dec 30, 2019
Sandy springs Atlanta Georgia USA
Hi guys, I recently had a bunch of eggs go under my broody this was about maybe a week or two ago and they were totally an accident but they definitely have growth we took 10 of the eggs out from under my broody and put them in the incubator because for some reason eggs don't hatch under my broody very well. But like I said the eggs were an I don't have the space or the time for these incoming chicks. If you are interested in getting some of the chicks( and your close enough to come get them) then please please reply
Hello 👋 no chicks have hatched if or when they do....we decided that they really need a home.... please 🥺 I'd anyone wants chicks I beg you to take them when they hatch
where do you live? im in Iowa. I would take them if not difficult to get.
I don't say this to be unkind, but why are you trying to hatch eggs to make chicks that you can't care for? People remove clutches from broodies all the time, when they don't want a batch of chicks. You said you can't care for them and are trying to find homes before they're even why are you going to extra effort
to hatch them?

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