"Accidental Peafowl Owner" in AZ


9 Years
Mar 3, 2010
Maricopa, AZ
We are the new owners of a beautiful Peahen. She must have escaped from a nearby property, but none of my neighbors claim her. She was bothering neighborhood cats and dogs so we were asked if we would take her "since we have chickens."

Right now she is in a small, 6' x 10' covered chain link dog run (6' high) with an insulated dog house. Definintely too small, but will have to make do until my boys build her appropriate housing. We have provided gamebird feed supplemented with various treats - scratch grains, cracked corn, black sunflower seeds, cat food, and fruit/vegetable trimmings.

We are in Arizona and I'm wondering if there are any other Arizona peafowl owners on this forum? Are their needs regarding housing the same everywhere, or do those here in AZ make accommodations for our extreme heat? For example, my chickens have a 3 sided coop because a 4-sided coop would become an oven in the summer. We also provide a misting system and box fans during the summer. Will I do the same for the peafowl?

I'm looking forward to learning more about this beautiful bird and hopefully I will be able to find her a friend!

Same as for your chickens except bigger would work just fine. I also live in area with extreme summer temperatures- 110-120F. My peafowl pen buildings(huge, composed of parallel adjoining 12' x 60' pens) both have open sides on all sides. One has a complete solid roof, with shade cloth coming down the sides part way. Other has part solid roof rest of the top is shade cloth.. this one has no shade cloth on the sides.

A large shallow pan(cement mixer tub) or a small pool might be appreciated by those who like to stand in them when hot.

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