Accidently incubated eggs for a few hours may kill them?

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    So I have this new hen who is currently laying her egg clutch in a nesting box in which I am hoping she goes broody on her clutch after laying all of the eggs completely. Right now she has 3 eggs but then a other hen who got kicked out of her nesting box decided to incubate the 3 eggs for about 3-8 hours, we do not know if she went broody on them overnight or during the morning but we are unsure of whether to kick her off the box so the new hen can continue laying her egg clutch or keep the hen broody on the hens eggs. We only have 2 nesting boxes, trying to get another one soon and do not know if we can take the hen off the new hens eggs because we do not want the eggs to die. I really need some help on this dilemma! All information on this would be appreciated please!
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    Hi, a third nest box is a good idea. If I understand you, you are fairly certain that one hen is broody and another is thinking about it? The one who is broody, you could let keep her eggs. Take away new eggs from the other for a few days, give them to the more serious hen or keep them ready to put under which ever hen stays in the box for 2 days and nights straight.(use fake eggs or golf balls for the one you are unsure about) Neither hen will be serious until she thinks she has "enough" eggs. What "enough" is, varies but for a standard it'll be around 8 give or take. [​IMG]

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