Accidently KILLED two of my meaties this morning :(


10 Years
Apr 27, 2009
Northern Indiana
My meaties are 5 weeks old --I went out to put the feeders back in early this morning and a couple of hours later decided to weigh a few...I lost my balance slipping on poo, fell in the coop right on one of my birds. I felt so terrible, I knew she wouldn't make it
I picked up my big red feeder to move it out of the way and another of my meaties was dead under the feeder. I feel guilty, guilty guilty... She must have been right under the feeder as I set it down this morning, I can't believe how this day is going
I butchered the one I fell on and threw the other away because she'd been there a couple of hours. I'm now down to 46. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Just remember that feeling for next time, and learn from your mistakes. It will benifet your birds in the years to come.
Many of us have accidentally killed a bird or two, me included. Stuff happens. You feel terrible, but after all, you hardly intended any harm. Don't beat yourself up too much.
Don't feel bad about the feeder death. I have done that several times. When they swarm the feeder, it's hard to tell if one slipped under it.

BTW, your birds look great for 5 weeks old.

When we first got chickens I let my younger son give one a worm. I learned the hard way that a 2 day old chicken should not eat a giant earthworm - she was dead by morning. A hard lesson learned.
We had a waterer put down on a meat bird around the size of yours. A few hours later we removed the water and were shocked to see the bird under there. I took her out, ready to bury her and she started breathing. She fully recuperated. Don't feel bad because accidents happen.
I've had it happen. I now hang my feeder and carry a bucket of feed to it. I hang it high enough so they have to stand to eat, that makes it possible for any chicken that gets pushed under the feeder to get back out without much trouble.

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