Acclimating new adult hen to a small established flock.

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    Lost 3 hens to racoon predators this past fall and our neighbor had single hen he gave to me.
    Kept her in my coop with wire barrier and after third day left her mingle the next two days.
    She was confined and not allowed to free range with others during 6 days. Day 7 left her go
    out with flock (all my hens were dominant to her, my roo mated with her too) and she went back to her old home. She seemed very tame while penned and even laid two eggs while "visiting" but any suggestions on getting her settled when I bring her back? Our properties are only about 300' apart with fence and she's the only chicken my neighbor has, although he does have a few turkeys.
    I'll thinking just keeping her in a lot longer.

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    If your earlier approach worked, then repeat it. This link may give you additional ideas -
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    Thanks for your response. Checked out the links. My main problem I think, is not that she'll be accepted but simply that my neighbors home she grew up in (even though there are no chickens there now) is her home, and visually not very far away. Maybe will have to ask the neighbor to help out and make her old turf less welcoming.
    I'll keep her penned for the time being.

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