Accurate ways to sex chicks

Feather sexing only works if they have been bred purposely to be feather-sexed. And it only works for a few breeds.
stores, places to order chicks, usually sell day-old chicks. and they can offer sexing.

So, I should not be wrong when it's perfectly a good time to sex your baby chicken when it's just hatched. I did with mine. I got 4 male and 2 female. I knew that from venting. It's the most accurate way to find out.

I waited, and that's the only other thing you can do and watch how they develope. males grow their crowns faster, theirs comes up first. according to that, I have def. 2 females and 3 males and one was iffy, it may actually be a 3rd girl. but then a few days after that, I notice the tail, some have longer, and that has to be males. so 4 males, and 2 girls.... ;)

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