Accurate Wet bulb Hygrometer, I finally found one!


5 Years
May 4, 2018
Bollschweil, Germany
Don't you just hate it when you've got like three thermometers and maybe three (like me) hygrometers and none are smack on matching. I tend to trust my Fischer analog hair hygrometer and my Fischer thermometer the most but they are each 10 cm in diameter and weren't actually supposed to be for incubating and they are way to big. I bought them for the coop and want them back in the coop.

Anyway I found this.. small and sweet, only it is super expensive like 80€
no distributer in Germany so i went to the Dutch site that sells them and they also have this one for 11.80€ for just the humidity.
I just looked and they have just one guy with no website selling them in Florida...great marketing, NOT.
UK and France also sells them though.

Anyway i just bought the cheaper one just for humidity, for yet again another incubator! I purchased... this time a still air one, very similar to little giant from HEKA Germany with it's own analog thermometer and turner and this hygrometer will go in there.
It says to fill the tube with distilled water and deduct 3% for still air incubators. My agonising over humidity reading days are hopefully gone for good.

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