Achilles Brace - was Dog Knee Brace

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    Actually - we have changed our mind and now think it is achilles tendon. That was my original thought yesterday, but she wasn't walking at all so I went with knee. So now instead of knee braces does anyone know anything about Achilles braces?

    Anyone have any experience with dog knee braces? I have looked at websites for ATraC (woundwear) and MuttKneeBrace. I am always hesitate to believe any testimonials.

    I have a 13 1/2 yr old collie/Chow/GoldenLab/Golden Retriever mix. She had CCL surgery 2 1/2 years ago. I think this is the opposite leg. It has been bothering her, but I thought it was arthritis. I never even thought about the CCL. Today when we came home she wasn't walking on it at all. I called the vet, but they were already gone. I just wanted to get her some pain meds. I gave her an aspirin. At 13 1/2 I don't think surgery is a good option and would like to go with a conservative route.

    Last week I ordered Canine Complete Joint Mobility ( and DGP ( It is due to arrive on Friday.


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    I would start her on the supplements as soon as you get them. You might want to talk to your veterinarian about using Rimadyl. I have good success with using low dose- symptomaticc treatment for 'old dog' aches and pains on my dogs.
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    May 16, 2008
    near Olympia, wa
    Thanks. I hope to get her into the vet tomorrow. Anyone know how expensive the achilles surgery is? I am hoping it is easier and cheaper than the CCL, but I can't find nearly as much information about it as the CCL.
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    Dogs who rupture one cruciate tend to also rupture the one on the opposite side later.

    You can find out a lot by joining Orthodogs, the yahoo group. It has a huge membership and just about every Ortho problem can be discussed with those who have experienced it. It's a nice group, they will be very understanding of your situation.

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