acid water ?

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    Jun 24, 2011
    I have elm tree clippings in my chicken cages, the kind that is all shreaded up in little pieces.The other day i noticed an egg in the waterer.When I got it out it was soft.No big deal but I really hadnt seen a soft egg in a very long time.I was wondering if the elm tree clippings that they kick in the water had made the water more acid and dissolved the shell.Has anyone heard of anything like this happening?
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    I don't know if elm clippings do that but it is easy to check for acidity with litmus testing paper. You can get it at educational stores aimed at the home schooling community.

    Our water straight from the well is extremely acidic (we live on top of a mountain in the woods, so lots of decomposing stuff to make the ground water acidic) so we add soda ash to it to make it more basic.

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