ACK! Chicks arriving tomorrow and nowhere to put them!


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Well, let me rephrase that - I have all the proper supplies needed for baby chicks, plus a cardboard box to start them out in, then a larger rubbermaid to move them to when they get a bit bigger.

My problem is I really don't have a suitable location in my house to keep them. I've been wracking my brain for a month trying to figure this out! We have no spare bedrooms, a very open "living area" and no garage. I was thinking about putting them in the laundry room (closet really), but they would have to be ON TOP of the dryer, and I'm afraid the noise and shaking wouldn't be good.

Do baby chicks really make THAT big of a mess? Do they smell THAT bad? Really I'm thinking the only alternative is to have them in our den somewhere - like under the corner coffee table?

ACK- I'm so frustrated that I don't have a better place for these babes! What do y'all recommend?
You could put them in your den. Lots of dust, the smell is not that bad if you keep the shavings fresh.

I have my chicks in my master bath room, I put a cut sheet of plywood over my tub. And the brooder box is setting on top.
Best of luck
I move mine around. When we are home they are out in the livingroom with us and when we are not home I put them in my kids room and shut the door because I have a cat that roams around the house.

I keep their bin clean and not once have I smelled bad odor coming from them.

Hope you find a place for them.
So would it be ok to move them around? I'm thinking of keeping them in the laundry closet when we have company over, but keeping them in the den when we're home. I have an appropriate spot in each place to hook up the lamp and everything, I just don't know how much they'd mind being carted all over the house every couple of days or so?
I have that same dilemma, and that's why so far I haven't gotten any chicks. I don't have a garage, so the chicks would have to be raised in the house. And I have a VERY curious and crafty coon-cat that has the run of the house, so the chicks' safety would be a big issue. I'm just stumped.

Okiehen, that's a pretty darn good idea you had with putting a board over the tub. If only Norman (my cat) didn't own my master bath, too!
I think mine enjoy it. If we leave them in the room they get loud and want us to go in there so I just move them in the livingroom and they seem to really like it.

My cat pays NO attention to them.

Yesterday I kept them out and we left for a few minutes and they were perfectly fine. The cat that we have in the house is the most laid back cat so I am really not afraid of her doing anything it is just my over protective motherly instincts that make me nervous. LOL
I don't think so. She has a brother that is 6 months older and he hasn't taken any of her advice.

When we moved to the house we are in now Silly (boy cat) decided he wanted to he 50% outdoor cat! He never spent a day outside before. Guess the acre got him interested and now he spends 50% of his time outside. As long as he has had his outside time he is too tired to mess with anything in the house but one time he was in the house too long and he somehow got the hamster. Didn't kill it but did hurt him.

So if she can't get her brother to listen doubt she can get a stranger to HA HA
We keep our chicks in the living room, that way we can keep close watch over them,(outta sight outta mind).If you keep the bedding clean they don't smell, they can be noisy at times, but that is when it"s fun to watch them run and play. When they get to about 6 wks. I plan on moving them to the sunroom, it still gets cool there at night(62degrees), but warms up nicely during the day.
I plan to keep mine in the living room for the first few weeks. They're such a hoot to watch you'll want them nearby. And you might be surprised, your company might enjoy watching them too. I can't imagine people being offended by it. If they did, I'd get new friends.

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