Ack! Dying hen? Worms?


10 Years
Aug 4, 2009
Between that stump and you
So, I went out to the chicken pen today after school and one of my Delaware Hens, Fiona, is acting kind of funny, kinda hunched over and acting a little tired and droopy. I let her be for a little while and came back. I saw something hanging from her vent, attached to poo. I pulled it out, but some of it stayed way up in there. Also, when I picked her up, a clear fluid came out of her in a rush, but it was kinda thick. I dont know what it was, and it didnt smell. Here are a couple pics, and I know, they're kinda blurry:

Edited To Say: Her come is usually standing straight up, but in the pic its laying over. Its only about half an inch tall, if not less!


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