Ack, is she broody? Or just lowest ranking? update post #7

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by X2Farm, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. X2Farm

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    Jul 6, 2010
    Homer, GA
    So, I have a flock of 6 RIR/PR 5 hens and 1 Roo.

    The last few days, I've noticed that one particular hen doesn't roost with the others, doesn't hardly leave the coop, and spend most her time in the nesting box. So much, that her comb is now fallen sideways, due to her holding her head up to the top of the nesting box. She's not awful, temperment wise, though, seems about normal (they're all a bit standoffish, got em as an older group approx 2yrs old)

    Wouldn't a broody be a bit huffy? Not allowing anyone near the nesting boxes? [​IMG]
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  2. teach1rusl

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    You can check her belly area to see if she's been plucking feathers out (they often do this when they're line the nest). Are her eyes a bit glassy looking, like she's zoned out, or is she pretty alert??? So she's not puffing up/growling at all when you go to pet her or lift her up a bit??
  3. Bookworm chick

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    May 27, 2009
    Salem County, NJ
    Did she roost with the others before?
    If she did, and is now sleeping in the nest box, it's a possibility she is broody.
    I noticed with one of mine (is broody right now) that her comb fell over sideways too and was pale instead of red.
    Do any of the other hens enter the nest box with her to lay their eggs and how does she react to their approach?
    Mine will fluff up their feathers and make a "go find another spot" noise but still might allow them to enter and lay. Probably because they just figure the more eggs, the more chicks. lol
    I have one broody sitting on two marked eggs now. I have to check under her each day and remove any unmarked eggs. The other hens all prefer to lay in "her" nest, even though there are several others to choose from.[​IMG]
    Do you want chicks?
  4. OregonChickenGal

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    Jul 26, 2010
    Central Oregon
    That's what my hen did and she was broody. Make sure you make her get off the nest every couple of hours to eat and drink. Some hens will do it on there own, others won't. She'll lose weight if you don't. My hens broodiness lasted 3 weeks, now she's fine. Mine sat on an empty nest because she quit laying, like they always do. We have no rooster.
  5. CodyChristine

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    Apr 11, 2008
    Belle Plaine, MN
    I have one that is doing the same thing. I check every day to see if there is an egg under her and there isn't, but boy when I move her, she squawks up a storm letting me know I've "disturbed" her! [​IMG]
  6. X2Farm

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    Jul 6, 2010
    Homer, GA
    Well, after movin cows, I checked on the chickens..

    The same RIR hen was in the nexting box, though she ran out when head honcho hen came into the coop. She ran onto the roost ramp though, and stayed there, instead of goin outside. She's a bit feather picked anyways, though looking a bit more ragged underneath then normal.. [​IMG] She did drink a ton when she got outta the box... as if she hadn't been off there since last night [​IMG] (then went to roost around 5ish, way early [​IMG] )

    I dunno [​IMG] I wouldn't mind hatching a couple chicks out... the kids would get a kick outta that [​IMG]
  7. X2Farm

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    Jul 6, 2010
    Homer, GA
    Ok, today, same hen, nesting box bound. I was able to get the egg out that was under her without a fuss, aside from a lil bit of clucking.

    She jumped out and went after the water like she'd not drank for a while.

    Her underside is just about bare, and it has a wet look to it [​IMG] which I thought was odd.

    She let me pick her up outta the next box to check her out, no fuss at all, shes usually fairly flighty...

    Still stumped... I'm thinking of letting some eggs sit with her after today, to see what happens [​IMG]
  8. English Hen

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    Aug 10, 2010
    I have a Dorking, layed great for a month when she began now comb looking lackluster & in the box all the time. Iread to make her get up to eat & drink, should I give her water in the box? how long will she typically be broody? I am new to this but LOVE all my 3 girls !! thanks

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