ACK! Major temp spike! **Update!**


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So I had all the kids from our group come over today. The bator has been running consistently for a couple days now. I don't know if one of the kids touched it or what happened, but I came home earlier and found the temp on my digital reading 108!!!! My husband checked it for me at about 2:20 and it was at 102, I came home and found it at 108 at 4:40, so it rose from 102 to 108 within 2hrs 20mins, but I don't know how long it was that high. Is my first hatch completely doomed? I am just sick over this.
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Not yet! Get temp stabilized... what day are you on now?
It will greatly depend on how long the spike lasted. Eggs can be very tough sometimes and survive these kind of things. I had a temp spike of 110* on a hatch and didn't loose any that I know of. The spike didn't last very long but you get my point...
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Thanks, I am keeping my fingers crossed. I would hate to lose the whole batch over something like this.
I couldn't help myself and tried candling a couple this evening, just to see if I could see anything. I couldn't. I saw a clear looking area on one end of the egg and then a darker area at the other end, couldn't see any veining or anything. I know it's a bit early, but I wanted to try. I had put one cracked one in, so I looked at that one and the crack had grown. I felt like that one probably wouldn't survive such a big crack (it was most of the way down the egg and spidered off a couple places), so I decided to crack it open. It had development! There was a little air sack, a little embryo and veining. So I am taking this to mean that my temp spike didn't hurt them! Am I correct in this thinking? They wouldn't be developed at all if the temp spike on the first day had killed them right?
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I don't think there would be development.

I candled tonight in pitch blackness except for my candling light. My eggs are all light cream to pale brown. I can tell you it is very hard to see in the darker brown eggs.

I would not get upset if you can't see in the eggs if they are brown or very thick shells at this point. I'm on Day 7. I had my DH take pics and I posted them in their own thread a few hours ago. I'm homeschooling too so of course my daughter had to come participate even though she was exhausted from working on the fence line for the new North West Pasture after church today. She perked up when we could see veining. I didn't take out any of the eggs that didn't look developed as 7 days is still early and I'm not experienced at this at all.

I believe that 2, 3 and 10 are no good, with 2 of them being clear and one a blood ring. However, I'm not positive about that.

Just wait a few more days and candle again. Keep your nose checking for stinkies.

I think as a Homeschooler it's important that they learn the whole lesson. They have to know that there is loss in this endeavor, and that we as adults can make mistakes just as they as children do. If we present ourselves as infallible then they will feel the need to be perfectionists as well. So I'll be seeing this through to the end, and if we only get 2 out of 11, or 1 out of 11, or none, I'll do it knowing I've done my best. That is the best thing I can do for her.

I have a favorite saying that might help you deal with this one. It's slightly religious but you don't have to take it that way.

I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God's business.
Michael J. Fox (1961 - )

I say this to myself every time something happens that I can't deal with and in my need to have perfection, or be perfect I try to control the situation. So, the temp spiked, you have no idea why it was out of your control. This hatch isn't going to be perfect. What's important is the process and that the kids learn about it. What chicks you get will be adorable.

I ws having trouble with my temps being stable when it turned cold. We use electric heaters so it got a bit chilly in the house which made the temps go down. Next day after adjusted it then it went too high. got to 102 but not long. I think its the night time when the temp went down but i lost 4 eggs. They had started showing life then I got a blood ring. I finally have it figured out but lost 4 of the ones I wanted the most.

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