Ack! She can't fit through the door!

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    Jun 23, 2008
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    I realized last night that my EE has been sleeping outside in the cold for the past two nights. I went to check on them around 9pm and she was on the ramp leading into the coop. I tried to gently push her up into the coop, but she wasn't going anywhere. I tried using a little force, thinking she was just stubborn and then I realized that she wouldn't FIT! She's gotten so big that she can't fit through the door. Poor girl! Guess I'll be doing come cutting today. I can't wait for spring because we're going to build this coop that I found on the forum here:
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    LOL! Nice tornado / bomb shelter you've got there but where's the coop?
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    I love your coop but your feeder even more. It reminded me that I wanted to build one like it also. I think I'll get off my lazy but and do that this afternoon.
  4. NicInNC

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    The like I posted isn't MY coop. It's one that I found here on BYC and we plan on making one identical to it. I wish I already had mine! Thanks to whoevers coop it is though because I love it and can't wait to build one like it!
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    The things I would do different with that coop are:

    1. Make it bigger

    2. Put the nest boxes hanging on the outside so you don't have to go in to gather eggs.

    ... of course I'd put down linoleum on the inside for easy cleaning.

    I have an 8 X 12 and I wish it were a 10 X 12.

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