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    Is there a link that will tell me what all those letters mean? I can get RIR, BO, BR, and a few of the others, but... GLW, SLW, etc.
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    GLW=Gold Laced Wyandotte
    SLW=Silver Laced Wyandotte

    Can't help you with a specific site but those two I know.
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    Here is the ones that I have collected over the months

    Common Abbreviations

    DE = Diatomacious Earth
    DH=Dear (most times) Husband
    DW=Dear Wife
    DD=Dear Daughter, Dear Dad
    DS=Dear Son
    DM=Dear Mother, Dear Mom
    DF=Dear Father
    DF=Dear Fiance
    DSD=Dear Step Daughter
    DSS=Dear Step Son
    DSM=Dear Step Mother
    DSF=Dear Step Father
    BIL=Brother in Law
    SIL=Sister in Law
    MIL=Mother in Law
    FIL=Father in Law
    DC=Dear Children
    SO=Significant Other
    DE=Diatomaceous Earth
    BOSS=Black Oil Sunflower Seed
    GF=Girl Friend
    BF=Boy Friend
    POL=Point Of Lay
    SQ=Show Quality
    NSQ=Non Show Quality
    PQ=Pet Quality
    CBOF=Cantankerous Bag Of Feathers
    JBG = Jersey Black Giant
    SLW=Silver Laced Wyandotte
    BLRW=Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
    CM=Cuckoo Marans
    GPH=Gold Penciled Hamburg
    OEGB=Old English game bantam,
    OEG=Old English game (usually standards).
    SLW=Silver laced Wyandotte.
    RIR=Rhode Island Red,
    WCP=White crested polish.
    BTB=Black tailed buff (usually Japanese bantams)
    BTW=Black tailed white (usually Japanese bantams)
    BR=Barred rock.
    BO=buff Orrington
    EE=Easter eggers (Ameraucana Crosses)
    BLRW=Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
    BBR=Black Breasted Red
    GDW=Golden Duck Wing
    SDW=Silver Duck Wing
    BA OR LORP = Black Australorp
    SCOVY=Muscovy duck
    BCM=Black Copper Marans
    FWIW=For What ItÂ’s Worth
    LF=Large Fowl
    BF=Bantam Fowl
    BR=Bourbon Red
    GLS=Gold Sex Link
    BSL=Black Sex Link
    RSL=Red Sex Link
    WTB=Wanted To Buy
    JG=Jersey Giant
    LB=Light Brahma
    DB=Dark Brahma
    BB=Buff Brahma
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    Whatever, I think that it's presumptuous and inconsiderate of any poster to post using acronyms, especially chicken breeds. Do they think more than 5% of the membership knows as many as 25% of what's on the list. S-p-e-l-l i-t o-u-t for Pete's sake.
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    Quote:Thank You! I have been too embarassed to ask...
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    Since we are confessing our confusion, what is BOSS? I've seen that a few times and I am just stymied. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Black oil sunflower seeds

    Imp-likes the challenge of decoding BYCish

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