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Aug 24, 2011
Hi, I am quite new to rearing chickens. My girls (3 Australop x New Hampshire) are nearly 19 weeks old. I have had them since they were 3 days old......They have been really friendly and would eat from my hand. BUT
I went away for just the weekend and my neighbour fed them and put them to bed. I have come back and they don't seem to want to come near me and are spending a lot of time in their hen house. Is it because they are sulking cause I left them :) or is it because they may be getting near to starting to lay and can tend to go a bit strange at this time. CAN YOU HELP PLEASE.
Yeah - probably just spooked from change of routine. My chooks always go a bit feral when we go away for a long weekend etc... we have an automatic coop and feeder etc, so they can have 3 days without seeing anyone! It usually takes a week or maybe even two to settle back to normality, but they always come back around!!
Thank you for your response, probably spooked by my lovely but loud neighbour. I appreciate the help as I am only a learner at this but loving it and loving my girls. I am pretty sure I have a vermon proof coop so don't think it would be that that spooked them, I HOPE!! Can you tell me what you mean by automatic coop and feeder etc.
Hi guys I found out why my chickens were spooked. My neighbour thinking he was doing the right thing used a rake to herd the girls in to their hen house before we was time for them to do so. That is definitely not something they are used to as the rake is only used to clean up after them not for shooing them inside. Hopefully they will settle back down again soon.

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