ACV added to water, Does it cause a clear slime?


Apr 21, 2015
Abita Springs, LA
I put my new flock into my new coop about a week ago. I have a nipple watering system attached to a 5 gal bucket. Anticipating some stress for the chicks upon removing them from the brooder and putting them outdoors in their new home, I added one packet of SavaChick electrolyte powder for a dilute solution and a "glug" of ACV. I have not previously used either. I now find a clear to white slime in the 5 gallon bucket. No dark growth or bad odor. I suspect it is due to the ACV, possibly interacting with the electrolyte solution? Any thoughts? I also have a small plain water system and the chicks seem to drink from both.


5 Years
May 18, 2014
Manassas, VA
I get that slime from my well water with no other additives. My well is high in iron and I notice if water sits in the open and gets a chance to evaporate a little, it'll leave that clear, slimy film on the bowl that I quickly rinse/wipe out before refilling. It hasn't killed me yet so I guess it's safe for the chickens!

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