ACV for Gosling acting a little under weather?


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
Yesterday on walkabout the parents took babies near chicken pen area where there is some sand from the pen that has come under the baseboard and they were shoveling it in their mouths eating it. I guess it's clean sand but you never know with chickens but they were shoveling it and showing the babies to shovel and eat it....

Unrelated I hope this moring one of the goslings is just acting a little more "tired" than the others, it's hatch 2 of 4 and it's about a week old. Just doesn't seem as perky and thought well, maybe he's tired or sleepy.

What can I do to help them a bit? Can you put ACV in water for goslings to flush out anything weird they might have eaten since they are picking at and eating everyting on the nasty ground - who knows what they come across with all the birds/ducks/squirrels/etc. running around out there where they eat.

I have this sav-a-chik packet of V&E - I can mix that and put it in water but it says 1 packet per gallon - is that too strong for goslings or would you just use ACV?

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