ACV - okay to use in stainless steel cage cups?


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Feb 23, 2009
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I've just switched to stainless steel cage cups for the summer (my girls like to dunk their heads right into their water when it gets hot!) and was wondering if it is okay to put apple cider vinegar in their water.

I still have their main plastic bell drinker standing in the corner of the run, which I have always put ACV in, but was wondering about these stainless steel ones, as the girls will generally prefer to drink (and dunk!) from them now.
No, the acid in ACV will corrode the stainless steel and is not good for you chickens.Try to find something plastic. I use a cats litter box, big enough for plenty of water and won't corrode, This is just my opinion, someone else probably know more than I do since these are the first chickens I have had in years. marrie
Well, I think I answered my own question...

According to the British Stainless Steel Industry,
General corrosion is much less severe in stainless steel than in other steels. It only occurs when the stainless steel is at a pH value < 1.0. Reference should be made to tables in manufacturers' literature, or the advice of a corrosion engineer should be sought, if the stainless steel is to come into contact with chemicals.

As 'chemicals' go, I would bet that a capful of ACV dissolved in a couple of gallons of water does not result in a pH lower than 1 (which would be VERY acidic indeed). I'm going to assume that it is therefore completely safe to put it in the drinkers.

In any case, if I'd thought about it properly, aren't saucepans etc made of stainless steel, and don't we cook a lot of acidic foods in them? And do we get poisoned?

I have my own answer there don't I?

So ignore me - it was a blonde moment!
Stainless steel is as "non-reactive" as a consumer metal gets in regards to high-acid foods. It can still be stained with very volatile acids such as muratic acid (used in products to clean grouted floors in kitchens). ACV is completely safe in a stainless steel vessel.

The acetic acid in the vinegar will only cut through surface oils on stainless steel which makes it an excellent cleaner for SS.

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