Ad me to the list of people with broody hens

Knight Hawk Ranch

14 Years
Oct 19, 2007
Labelle, Florida
For the last couple of days, I have been collecting eggs and having to boot one of my hens out of the nest.

I was thinking she was just laying late. Until tonight and she swapped nests to warm up the other eggs.LOL
So I marked them and put all 8 under her.

I will try to get pictures tomorrow of her on the nest and to verify if she is serious or not. This one is a production RIR and I hope she doesn't change her mind.


10 Years
Feb 27, 2009
Hart Co
I wish mine would make up her mind! She is also production RIR about 10 months old. She will stay on a nest for 1 night then abandon it.
She is getting more agresive if I try to get her out or check for eggs. She almost drew blood tonight! If I did not need the dog crate for the chicks due to hatchin 4 days I would stick her in it!
That would show me if she is still laying and if not maybe keep her on a nest for more that 24hrs.

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