Added a coop condo to the barn


10 Years
Sep 6, 2009
Ridgefield, WA
All supplied come from Home Depot, nest boxes too
I was in need of a coop to confine as the younger chicks from a November broody hatch are now roving teenagers and have roosted in the top of the barn and just making a mess. DH put this together over the past two weekends. Now I just need to move in the birds. I plan on selling most of the young birds when they are laying age so it's more of a space for birds not in the main hen house flock. As soon as it was done I found 3 of my hens busy checking it all out.

Looks Gr8, I wish I had a barn for something like that. We live in the city so my options are very limited, as well as my flock size. I envy those of you that can do as you please with your flock..Thanks for sharing the pic.
I have a very accommodating Cuckoo Maran that is almost always broody. Last hatch in Nov, just before thanksgiving added 16 sexlink chicks to the flock. Lost two and they are old enough to need new homes. I was needing a place to house them.
nice coop. will the snow get in or will it stay out. i want to build a run similar to that with the roof and sides but i want to be able to keep the snow out in the winter. basically i want more room for them in the winter when it snows. as the run i have know gets snowed in.

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