Added a few chickens to flock, no eggs now.

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by hatterasman, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Nov 29, 2010
    Hello All!

    I had a small flock of a dozen hens of various brown egg-laying breeds. They are about 20 months old and were laying very well. About two weeks ago, I added 5 more hens and two roosters to the flock. I didn't really want the roosters, but when I saw them and how beautiful they were, I took them both. Since adding them to the flock, I have seen that the roosters are doing what roosters do, and I don't mean crowing. Now I am getting no eggs. Also, my hens used to all stay outside during the day except on really bad weather days. Their run is completely enclosed with wire, so I don't have to worry about predators. They have always gone in and out of the coop as they please. Now since adding the extra hens and the two roosters, they seem to only come out of the coop to eat or drink water, then they go back inside the coop and just stand there. What have I done? [​IMG]

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    When we add/ change anything to our flock our chickens will stop laying for about a week, but I don't know why yours haven't started laying again... Could they be laying somewhere besides their nest boxes, and you just haven't found their stash of eggs yet?
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    First, whenever adding new birds, it is best to keep them in solitary for awhile so as not to introduce possible diseases. But....

    Yes, you've completely disturbed the order, the society as your birds knew it. Things will settle out in a week or so and likely be just fine.
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    I'm dealing with the same thing now. Actually the new hens I introduced layed the first couple days I had them, and now everyone has stopped.

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