Added fan windows fogged up


8 Years
Feb 3, 2011
I just added the fan to a hovabator and now the viewing windows are fogged up on the inside. The humidity jumped from 50 % to 78%, though I didn't add any water. Anyone experience this? Help!!!
Did your temperature drop? If I recall, when the temp drops (which I would think happens when you add a fan), the humidity will rise. It should go down and stabilize on its own.
Temp dramatically increases, since the hottest air that is around the heating element is pushed toward the eggs and thermometers. Perhaps temps did drop after the circulating air stabilized the air temp? Any thoughts?
Which direction is the air blowing on your fan? It should be blowing up towards the top of the incubator. Do you have your red plugs in? If so remove them.. Which one do you have water in? Or do you have water in both wells?
when you add a fan it the humidity will rise because the moisture is circulating. i would poke a whole and if the humidity was still to high then i would take a little water out.
Mine blows down as well ? never had a problem with the temp's or humidity ? Is blowing up correct or are they all different , I've had great hatch's so I'm not sure I want to change it
all I can say is my fan blows up. was thinking about the chicks and not having the fan blowing on them when they hatch.
I have a homemade one and no probs with humidity? I put very little water in? like 30 MLs 2x day ish
The reason you want to blow the air upwards is that you want to evenly distribute warmed air over a higher volume of space.. so the air that will be moving downards will be moving over the heating element into the incubator. It also allows some air to be vented out of the incubator and fresh air to be sucked in from the bottom vent holes. With the fan blowing down, the warmed air is sucked in from the heating elements and blown directly down on the eggs some being directly inline of the fans exaust. Also it will blow directly on your water so the humidity will go up. More air is sucked in from the upper vent holes due to their size and closeness to the input of the fan.

It would be easier to see a drawing of the air circulation I'll see if I can find one.

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