Added two new female ducks to flock...


5 Years
Oct 9, 2014
North Wales
Hey guys,

I have two male ducks and two females. I have a nightmare with the males ( they always want the other drakes female as they came in pairs).
I have to seperate them in there pairs. Today, I decided to bring home two female Magpie ducks.. They are so timid and sweet. They have had a long journey and distressed.
I have put all the females in the enclosure together and they all seemed to be fine but the females wanted their pair.. and the Drakes quacked for their female. I put a drake into the enclosure and all hell broke loose... I have had to put one pair in the garden, another in a section (which is not ideal as there are holes in the fences) and the two females in the new enclosure where its quiet. I really don't want the Drakes to scare the new females after their stressful journey.

I am going to house the two new ducks in with the females tonight. Do you think they will be ok? **** Drakes! They are such hard work.


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