Added two new girls & rehoming my rooster

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by JaxGrits, Jan 27, 2013.

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    I think this chicken business is harder on me than it is on them!

    I have 2 9 week old Easter Eggers. One rooster and one hen (not intentionally). We knew we would have to get rid of the rooster ASAP because he started crowing about two weeks ago. He is still kept inside to muffle the sound since we are not allowed to have roosters. This is great for my neighbors but not so great for me. I don't like waking up at 4am.

    This weekend we went out to a great farm and got two more girls. A 10 week old buff brahma and an ADORABLE 5 month old buff silkie (she's a runt so about the same size as the other birds). We've kept them separated but within sight (and chirp) of each other. In fact, tonight I sat on the kitchen floor with them all around me and fed them grapes. No fighting either! Our 3 hens are probably the most calm, sweet little girls ever!

    Since day one of their lives, our original two girls (the easter eggers) have only known each other so I've really been worried about separating them. If I pick him up and walk away, she comes chasing behind me. If he's inside and she's outside, she stands at the door and chirps until I let her in. The thing is- he's mean to her. He pecks her constantly and today he bit her a few times and held on to her- it really hurt her! I tried to take him away for a little while and see if she would go peck grass with the new girls but she kept looking for her roo.

    I put an ad up on Craig's List and had two responses so chances are, he'll have a new home tomorrow. I actually broke down in tears tonight because I felt like a horrible person. I don't want her to be miserable the rest of her life and always be "looking" for him. Is she ever going to be friends with the other two girls? Am I horrible for splitting them up? I really really really really don't want to give her up too.

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    She'll get over it a lot faster than you think. She'll make new friends and be quite happy.

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