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Mar 9, 2014
Northern Colorado
Switchin things up here. Although very windy our temps are forecast to be better. Walking all 3 dogs today instead of just 2 in a day. One walk will be through the feed store......they don't like me coming in unless I bring the drunk grandpa dog. :rolleyes: no we won't drive to the store. I plan to walk her to and then through. I need oyster shell and can buy that by the pound. Yes I need other things but they will wait til Saturday.
Then lots to do in my tiny shop.
Gotta get it straightened up so I can build 3 of these....
I mostly like them because I think they're beautiful... and because they're kind of off-beat... and definitely warm. The hood is definitely impractical if you like seeing but great if you require anonymity. (Though it would sure get you noticed, so there's that...) :lau
Anonymity? I thought that sunglasses were for that!:cool:


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Nov 7, 2015
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I started smoking around 10 years ago when I was like 15. My parents smoke, my grandparents smoke, my great grandmother smokes, I lived on a tobacco plantation and my first job was in a cigarette factory. However I was never too addicted to smoking. I smoke for months and then quit for months.

Around the same time I started using khaini, which is a strong type of snuff/chewing tobacco also grown locally. I have never had problems with it. I never tried quitting it. View attachment 2036674View attachment 2036676View attachment 2036675View attachment 2036677
You are completely surrounded by tabacco agriculture and by family.
My Grandfather used to chew tobacco. He also smoked.
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