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May 3, 2009
New Jersey
So it worked for you?
Do you remember when it started to get better?
I'm afraid that you don't want to know that, but bottom line is you have made it through today. You don't realize, but you are doing good. :bow The enemy you are facing is incredibly strong, but so are you. Fact is tobacco kills - many ways, but it wins. Hang in as it gets better but ever so gradually. Beware of the 'triggers' things that used to cause you to smoke. Sometimes at a field trial when I release one of my dogs I find myself reaching for the nonexistant bag of tobacco in my back pocket.

When the urge gets strong, get busy doing something. Get out of your head. That's a dangerous place for folks like us. Addictions lie to us that's how they win. You are heavy on my mind. :hugs
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