Additional Postage Due on Flat Rate Box?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by marie_martin, Jun 18, 2009.

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    I shipped a box of silkie eggs to a BYC member in Utah. She received the eggs in great shape, but they made her pay $3.60 extra for shipping on the eggs. Said I used a larger box than what I paid for postage on. Well, I printed the postage online and chose priority large flat rate box. which cost me $9.85 to ship. I alread dont make anything, and now I have to refund her the extra money. I emailed the USPS and they want proof that the box was a flat rate box. I mean how rediculous. First off, i would not have paid the postage on a flat rate box. But that is just me I guess. I never got anything on the box of eggs they totally lost. So I guess there is no point in pursuing this either. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

  2. Did you use the regular flat rate box, or the *large* flat rate box? Regular flat rate is $9.80, large flat rate is $13.50 (internet prices).

    Did you print it using Paypal? If so, paypal only lets you print the flat rate box that costs $9.80. For the largest flat rate box you have to print the label from the website.
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    I used paypal. So I guess that was the problem. But I have been using those boxes, and this is the first time that happened. USPS should not let paypal link up and allow you to print postage if they don't offer the correct info. But thanks for clearing that up. I feel pretty silly!

  4. crazy4wdracer

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    Flat rate boxes are well worth it if you are shipping heavier items for sure.
  5. marie_martin

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    Yes, but these were silkie eggs.the box weighed less than two lbs. But now I know why. Thanks.

  6. ruth

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    I just use the regular priority mail small boxes, or even the large, to ship eggs and the posage is never as much as the flat rate boxes of the same size. Flat rate is only worth the postage if you are shipping heavy items that you can fit in the box.

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