Adequate space? (Plus bonus pics)


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11 Years
Jan 5, 2009
We have two chicks that are now about 2 weeks old, one RIR and one EE (Hopefully both pullets). They've been in a 2FT by 2FT cardboard box brooder but now I'm wondering if it is too small, they're growing *so* fast!

Just yesterday and today I've noticed that the EE (Chick Corea) has been a bit aggressive towards the RIR (Bela Flock), fluttering and running at her (no pecking, though). I'm wondering if it's because she feels crowded? It worries me a little, I don't want anyone getting picked on. I may be trying to find a refrigerator box or something that size to move them to. Suggestions?


Their first trip outside to their coop (yesterday)

And a point of reference to their speed of growing, these two were taken just a few days ago and look at the difference!


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