ADGA/AGS/NDGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf kids *Blue Eyes*

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    Whistle Creek SP Northernlites *Doeling* & Whistle Creek SP Zorros Ghost *Buckling*
    This girl will be a wonderful addition to any herd and this little boy will be a wonderful herd sire!
    Both born 3/8/13 and will be ready middle of May for there new home.
    They have some great genetics be hind them! Have some old foundation bloodlines with lots of milk and show potential! These little sweeties are gorgeous and flashy! and have very good conformation too boot.
    Will try to get a picture of dams udder soon.. She has lots of capacity and is very easy to milk and is my best producing doe!
    Registered ADGA/AGS/NDGA (pending as of now)

    SS: Brush Creek RBL Insandrashonor
    Sire: KW Farms SH Sandra's Pride
    SD: Camanna PL Electra Blue
    DS: Celtic Stars Tiger's Java Jolt
    Dam: Northern Fork JJ Shining Star
    DD: D&D Tiny Toes KB Shining Doll
    Lines Behind this girl on both sides:
    Dam: Rosasharn, Gay-Mor, Sugar Pine, Flat Rocks, Deer Run, Stonewall's, Goodwood, Unicorn Farm, Twin Creeks, Ponders End, Mountain Quest.
    Sire: Bush Creek, Buttin' Heads, Twin Creeks, Camanna, Hayseed, Flat Rocks, Caesar's Villa, Ponders End, Willow Creek, Mountain Quest, Stonewall's, Goodwood, lots more behind sire

    Asking $450 each
    If not sold before show season I will show her and the price will only go up!

    Comes from CAE/CL free herd
    Shipping options are available or meeting up at a show! :)
    $50 deposit to hold each.
    BETTER PHOTOS TO COME these ones are at a day old!
    ((The buckling is standing and the doeling is laying down))

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