Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen knee)

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    Jan 7, 2015
    I have a year-old D'uccle bantam with a bad knee. She refuses to put weight on that foot at all. No apparent injuries, no puffiness,redness,infection One vet diagnosed it, but offered no suggestions other than anti-inflammatories, which didn't help She's still eating, but looks increasingly depressed and slightly puffed. is My own vet, who doesn't ordinarily treat birds, is willing to try laser acupuncture on her, but the initial visit/treatment is $110 and subsequent treatments are $65 each, which is gonna be a real hardship. Still, I love little"Ting" and hope someone else may have some suggestions and/or success stories.
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    Chickens tend to get a lot of injuries to their legs, but also can suffer from infectious diseases of the joints, and from leg bone deformities which can worsen with age and maturity. Is her foot or hock joint swollen or red? I would probably force her to rest the leg in a cage inside her coop with other birds in her flock. Place food and water in side, and start her on a good poultry vitamin/mineral in her food or water daily. One week is the minimum, and then you could re-evaluate it and rest it more if needed. Here is some reading:


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