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    ok - Im new to the chicken world and we have our first flock. We have 3 polish that we got at 3 months. We have the girls for their eggs and really enjoy them. We would like to keep a flock going so we have eggs continously. Our city only allows up to 4 chickens. Our girls are about a year old now and we average about 2 eggs a day. I would like some opinions on how to add to our flock.... we have considered getting 3 chicks this spring and raising them up until they start laying and then finding someone to take 2 of our girls. We are not allowed to cull our chickens within the city. This would put us over the limit for a little while but hopefully no one will be the wiser. Or we thought about get 2 chicks but I wasn't sure about the chick mortality rate. Or should we keep them another year and rasie one up and then do 3 chicks next year? We were thinking of a leghorn, road island red and an easter egger. Any thoughts or suggests from the "wise ones"?
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    It sounds like you already have it all planned out. With the exception of a city code inspector or nosy should be able to do what you feel is best. Something to keep in mind if you're going to order only 3 chicks from a hatchery is that there's only one hatchery I know of that will ship a minimum order of 3 chicks, Meyer hatchery. MyPetChicken will also ship a minimum of 3 chicks, I believe they take orders for Meyer. Unless you know a breeder locally, or a feed store that sells chicks, that will be the only way to purchase 1 or 2 chicks to replace your older hens. You can always put your older hens up for sale on craigslist, local paper, swap meets etc...
    I've ordered minimum orders from Meyer and MPC before, never had a problem. The chicks arrived alive and healthy. As a matter of fact, I ordered 4 Barred Rocks from Meyer about 7 years ago. I lost one to a hawk, the other 3 are as healthy as can be and still laying. One is on the nest right now lol.

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