Adjusting coop light schedule is messing up good laying habits!!!

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    Well, a week ago my little Silkie cockeral started to crow [​IMG] I was having my coop light turning on at 4:30AM everyday since forever. Of course no one wants to be woken up at 4:30 by a crowing roo, at least not around here. So I shut off the light. They only have the natural light now.

    My RIR/Orp's are my daily layers, around 5AM they lay faithfully in the box......well not anymore! I find them on the floor and this AM it appears that one layed an egg while roosting, which broke the egg and they all ate it [​IMG]

    Will they adjust their laying time? I am assuming that it is dark when they lay which is why they aren't getting to the boxes?? Has anyone had a simular problem or any advice? I will not give up my little man, no way no how!!
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    They tend to lay a certain number of hours after the lights go out in the evening. If the lights are still going out in the evening at the same time, they will tend to lay at the same time the next morning regardless of whether the lights are on or not. I would have suggested that you gradually shift the time forward and add light in the evening. If you shift them forward fifteen minutes a week, but keep the same amount of total light, they will follow along with the new schedule.
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