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    I am on day 17 i have noticed that the temp is running 101-102 i heard it was because the chick is developed and causing the extra heat do i need to adjust my incubator? its a LG still air. I am afraid to adjust it, Also when i up my humidity tomorrow will it cause my temps to fall and if so do i need to adjust or leave it be? I am worried all 6 eggs look good and I hate to mess up now and lose them after all this time.

    Wanted to add: I am using 3 different meters 2 springfields and the one that came with the LG. The one that came with the LG is reading the temp around 99.9 one of the springfields is running at 102.7 with humidity at 41 and one is running 100.6 with a humidity of 55. SO I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!
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    non of those readings are super bad so hopefully someone will come answer you soon. who knows more then me , the 102 is at the upper range but still not horrible.
    Good luck
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    102 at the top of the eggs in a still air incubator is fine. Mine tended to go up the last three days and I had to adjust it down just a little. I don't understand it, cause it seems the thermostat should take care of it. I'm like you, I had three different thermometers going. One thing that helped me was I had one with a wide temperature range and I tested it for 32 degrees in ice with just enought water tio submerge the thermometer, and then tested for 212 degrees in water just as it stopped boiling. I used that one and picked out the one that matched it at room temperature and at incubator temperature. After that, I just used that one and quit worrying about it, and adjusted the incubator as necessary.

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