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This thread is set for people to share their ideas and tricks to repairing and getting their incubators set right.

I just got a new Farm Innovators Still Air Incubator and an Egg turner to go with it before I set it up I made the first adjustment by taking a fish aquarium air line and making a hole through the bottom back and through the next wall for the water channel and super glued it in place to the bottom of the container and in place where it came in. The incubator is made of Styrofoam so super glue melts the Styrofoam some but in this situation it was able to make the hose set down into the bottom a 1/16 of an inch to allow if you needed to be able to attach a syringe to the end and draw the water back out. I attached a funnel to the end and sealed the end of the hose up in the bottom to allow access to draw water if needed but to also be able to add water easier. The use for adding this hose was so that during incubation since I did not have to open the incubator to turn the eggs, I could easily add water without interfering with the heat or the temptation to mess with the eggs.

The next step was to drill a hole through the top in the middle by the hygrometer that was included and add a digital hygrometer.

Today I decide with the heat adjustment knob there had to be something different. Because, you barely move it any and you would change it 5 degrees making it harder to set. I took to popsicle sticks, cut 1 in half and glued them 2 together with super glue (rounded ends lined up together) if one is a little shorter than the other no big deal glue the shortest one down to the top of the heater knob rounded side being the end glued down line this up with the pointer for the knob so it is straight across let it set for 1/2 an hour then glue the long popsicle stick to the other one end being on the top of the others lined up with them over the heat knob. (The reason for the additional two that you have to put down first is the knob is too short and would not allow you to just attach a long stick flat on top) Doing this allowed from a 1/16 of an inch space adjusting it 5 degrees to if you go by the end of the stick you have almost a 3/4 of an inch move per degree. Making much easier to set and make adjustments.

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